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Wang Tiles


edge and corner matched tilesets


Blob tilesets

These Blob Wang tiles are a subset of a Wang 2-edge 2-corner tileset. Just 47 tiles are used from a total of 2^8 = 256 tiles. These show both path and patch characteristics.

The tilesets are arranged as a 7x7 layout, with 2 extra duplicates of the empty tile_0. These are shown with white index numbers, and are unused.

This minimal layout was found by Caeles at OpenGameArt.org using an exhaustive computer search of all possible layouts.

All the following Blob tilesets can be explored using the Stage, by selecting a tileset from the 'Blob' pull-down menu. Carpets can be made randomly or as a 'perfect' maze layout.

These images are the actual sprite sheets used by the Stage. Each 32x32 pixel tile is displayed by applying the correct horizontal (x) and vertical (y) offsets to the image.

Wang blob tileset
Dungeon blob tileset
Trench blob tileset
Islands blob tileset
Commune blob tileset
Bridge blob tileset

All tiles are 32x32 pixels. All sprite sheets are PNG format.