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Turing Trains


computational train track layouts


Langton's Ant

Langton's Ant is a cellular automaton with white (0) or black (1) squares. The ant turns right on a white square and left on a black square. There is much information on the web including Wikipedia.

To create a cell, four lazy points are arranged as a unit and linked together. There should be a large number of cells covering the plane. Here, just ten are used, allowing the first 21 steps of the Langton's Ant sequence to be run.


Ensure all cells are '0' and run the train.
The upper lazy point in each cell is clickable to switch the cell.

langtons ant
Click layout to pause/run train Click points to switch 0/1 Click start circle to reset train/points
lazy point Lazy points switch between upper 0 or lower 1 branch lines
Trains arriving on a branch line switch the point to that line
sprung point Sprung points allow branch line trains to join the main line
All main line trains go straight ahead and never 'branch off'

Not sure what this could ever be used for.



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