Truchet TileTruchet Tiles - seamless tile pool

A square grid of geometric tiles, generating random seamless patterns.

The Truchet tiles are displayed in a square 'pool' array. Each tile has either 2 or 4 alternative appearances, which are continuously displayed at random. The resulting patterns can appear quite complex.

This sim uses a second stage for tile size and pattern selection controls.

tile1 tile-2 tile-3 tile-4
tile1 tile-2 tile-3 tile-4

See Icons page for tiles.
See Stage for random Truchet arrays.

Truchet Tiles Stage

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Click the upper arrows to change the number of tiles (4 to 256).

Click one of the lower tiles to choose the pattern.

S├ębastien Truchet was an eclectic monk born in 1729. He was a mathematician and designer who explored plane coverage using tileable elements.

Truchet tiles have two different edges, left-right and top-bottom. When tiled in a chequer board layout, all tile edges will match and a seamless geometric pattern results.