iconBugs - objects

Click the sim once to enable it to respond to keyboard keys.
Click tag for playback controls and red tag for sim info and reset.

  1. Use 8 and 2 to add or remove bugs.
  2. If step (S) is on, with a step length of 1, bugs always turn and never manage to move anywhere.
  3. If step (S) is off, and turn (T) is intelligent, then bug movement can become ordered. Most easily seen with 3, 4 or 5 bugs.
  4. Return bugs to chaotic movement by briefly switching step (S) on and off. Bugs will eventually settle back into an ordered pattern.
  5. Or switch the stage wrapping, forcing bugs to establish a new pattern.
  6. Remove all bugs and add them in again with step (S) off, wrap (W) off and turn (T) intelligent, creating an ordered counter clockwise procession.
  7. Bored of waiting? -open the lower control panel and increase the sim speed.

8 - add a bug (max 20)
2 - remove a bug

S - toggle step on/off
6 - inc step length (max 20)
4 - dec step length

T - toggle random or intelligent turning
W - toggle stage wrap on/off

Bugs move forwards. If their path is blocked they turn left or right.

Turning can be random or intelligent -so that they face an empty cell. (If no cell on either side is empty, the bug doesn't turn).

If step (S) is on, bugs will stop and turn (randomly or intelligently) every so often. How often is determined by the step length. With a short step length bugs will turn often. Long step lengths give only an occasional chance of a turn, (1 in step length).