FlyoverRoadways - random routes

This sim constructs a random roadway network. Roads meet in 3 or 4 way junctions. Roads can also pass under or over another.

The yellow blobs are lights either side of pedestrian crossings. There is a 1in3 chance of a straight road acquiring a crossing. And also 1in3 that a waiting lorry pair is added.

Once completed, a fleet of red and blue lorry sprites drive along the roads, disappearing from view when they pass under bridges. They are not aware of other lorries, but otherwise follow the highway code.

Getting sprites to follow maze tracks was the main reason for writing this sim. It takes a bit of planning and naming (numbering) each sprite correctly so only a few simple rules are needed. I'll now add sprites to Twin Path.

Cute 3d stage

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No controls.
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See connected Wang Tile Mazes.
See Tiles page for tilesets.

FlyoverRailways - random routes

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