voterInfection - contaminated neighbors

An array of tiles each have four neighbors. Each tile is in turn influenced (takes on the color of) one of its neighbors. The central arrow indicates which randomly chosen neighbor the infection came from.

Over time, tiles become consolidated into stronghold areas. Isolated outposts of color are easily stifled. However, they can also act as a last pitch defence and convert some of those around them. But when the last color is lost there is no comeback. Extinction is forever.

A stage full of tiles creates a large file size. Also the order of tiles is always the same. Therefore this sim begins with only four seeds. They multiply (using 'Knight' moves) until no empty spaces are available. Upon which they die and are replaced by a voter of random color.

Voter Stage

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No controls for this one.
Use reset to start the sim again.


There is no counter to detect when the stage is full. So some tiles begin infecting neighbors before all spaces are filled.

No arrows can point in from the stage edges because the stage is not wrapped.