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This page, plus further information and web links.

Logo Lite

A Javascript logo interpreter.

Stagecast Sims

Mazes, puzzles and game Sims. Most were written for the 'Computer Games and Animation' course at West Thames College.


A JavaScript maze and terrain generator using the tiles and icons that were made for Stagecast sims. This is an easy way to explore Wang tile maze designs if you can't install the Stagecast software or run Java applications.

Tile gallery

Tileset, icons and pattern tiles. All in 32x32 pixel GIF file format for easy import into Stagecast.

Turing Trains

Computational train track layouts. Mechanical computer devices constructed from train tracks and points.

Wang tiles

Wang tile mazes, terrains and puzzles, edge and corner tile matching techniques etc. Also includes a glossary of Stagecast and maze construction terms.