boulderCracked - stress fractures

This sim represents a clay tablet baking in the sun. As it dries, stress points are formed.

From these points, fractures radiate out in all four directions, until stopped by a previous crack or tablet edge.

The length of each fracture is calculated. As soon as either the horizontal or vertical fracture is known to be the shortest, it is transformed into a crack.

If both fractures are equal then one is chosen at random.

A new stress point is then formed at a random location (but not 'too close' to a previous crack or stage edge) and the whole process starts again.

Cracks are shown as green lines. The sim stops after a succession of 16 random points are chosen 'too close' to an edge or crack, ie the tablet is fairly full.

Cracking Up Stage

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No controls.
Sim will stop when complete, use Reset to run again.