red ghostA-Maze - build, solve and destroy

This Stagecast sim is based on a maze writing algorithm which is described at Think Labyrinth. It ensures that the maze is always solvable, with one and only one path between start and finish, ie no 'loops' or 'islands' are formed.

Once a dead end is reached, all maze pieces are checked. Those surrounded on all four sides are 'fossilised'. ie changed from outline to solid form with no rules attached.
The other pieces are available for branching and are marked with a red square. These are removed 50% at a time, eventually leaving one randomly selected piece to continue the maze path. If possible, two new branches are created, forming a cross-roads intersection.

Once the maze is drawn, four ghosts are released to solve it. They choose a random direction at each junction. The first ghost to finish the maze is declared the winner and the whole maze is consumed. Dead ends remain, from which one is randomly chosen to start the next maze.


A-Maze Stage

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No controls for this sim.

Maze Creation Rules

1) Find a random starting place and direction.
2) Move one step at a time either forward, left or right.
3) Keep going until trapped on all four sides, forming a 'dead end'.
4) Then, go back over the maze already drawn and choose a random non fossilised piece.
5) Branch out from there, creating either a 'T' or 'X' junction piece.
6) Continue to move either forward, left or right until again trapped.
7) Keep going until maze is complete.