OliverTest - example sims

Main Character

The game 'main character' is controlled by the player. It is best to use the arrow/cursor keys, as these are present on most keyboards, and not the numerical keypad keys.

Your main character can be controlled in several ways, and these tutorial examples show the best way to do it. Open the side panel to observe characters and rules.

These sims are not protected, so you can open them in Stagecast to see how they work. Right-click the links to 'Save linked file as...'

Move Fire Strafe Fire Limit ExplodeBomb

Text Functions Calculator

Useful sim for determining results of the Stagecast calculator when used with words, items and characters.


Example sim explaining Stagecast layers and how to use them to randomise playback.

Animation (rotation)

Character animation control by direct calculation of picture numbers.


  • Stagecast terms and definitions.
  • Collection of tips to make building sims easier.