Spiral Lines

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Procedure 'spiral' draws a line, turns through a fixed angle, then calls itself with a line length 4 pixels longer. The result is a series of angled lines giving a twisted spiral effect.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Spiral :Length :Angle
  SetPC PenCol :Length     # pen color depends on line length
  If :Length > 390     # if line length too long ...
  [Forward :Length/2 Stop]     # draw half line length and stop
  Forward :Length Left :Angle     # draw line and rotate a fixed angle
  Spiral :Length+4 :Angle     # do again with a length 4 pixels longer

To Pencol :Length
  Make "Green Round :Length/1.62     # green depends on length
  Output ( List 0 :Green 0 )     # red and blue set to 0

To Go
  For [Angle 158 176 2] [     # repeat 10 times
    New PenDown
  Wait 5 Spiral 1 :Angle Wait 200]     # begin spiral with a length 1

Spiral Lines
Spiral Lines

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