3D surfaces

- distorted grids


Imagine a very elastic grid. Undeformed it appears as a flat lattice of squares. Apply a function and each vertex is deformed up or down from its original position.

The grid will show a 3D surface. The grid has corner co-ordinate values of [1,1] [1,-1] [-1,-1] [-1,1] You can alter the mesh size of the grid by changing the :Size varible shown in red in the Go procedure.

You can also comment out code to draw only horizontal or vertical lines.

In the function procedure, comment in just one function equation.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To GridPos :I :J
  Make "ZZ Function :I :J
  SetPC Color :I :J
  Make "XX 24*((5*:I)-(3*:J))
  Make "YY 9*((3*:I)+(5*:J)) + :ZZ -16
  Output List :XX :YY

To Function :X :Y
  # Output 0   # flat plane
  # Output 96*(Cos (90* :X))*(Cos (90* :Y))
  # Output 64*(Cos (270* :X))*(Cos (270* :Y))
  # Output 8*Cos 900*Sqrt ((Power :X 2)+(Power :Y 2))
  Output 96*Cos 360*Sqrt ((Power :X 2)+(Power :Y 2))

To DrawGrid
  For (List "L 1 Minus 1 Minus 2/:Size) [PenUp
    For (List "J 1 Minus 1 Minus 2/:Size) [
      SetPos GridPos :L :J PenDown] PenUp     # vertical lines
    For (List "I Minus 1 1 2/:Size) [
      SetPos GridPos :I :L PenDown]]     # horizontal lines

To Color :I :J
  # shade green
  Make "Green 163-46*(:I + :J)
  Output (List 0 :Green 0)

To Go
  GlobalMake "Size 24     # increase (eg 32) for finer grid

A procedure to remove hidden lines will be added later...

Surface 1


Surface 2

Book Info
Geometric And Artistic Graphics
Pages 147-167

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