Oct Tiles

- random tiling patterns

An octile has 8 points around its edge. These are randomly joined as four pairs. This results in 80 different tiles including rotations and reflections.
For orders below 8, grout lines are added.
For an order of 1, the 8 points are labelled and the resulting tile list is shown.
Comment out the line in Tiles to produce 'all-over' patterns.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Init :Order
  # initialise parameters
  Make "Width 380
  Make "CellSize :Width/:Order
  Make "Half :CellSize/2
  Make "Offset (:Width-:CellSize)/2
  Make "Dist :Half/Cos 22.5
  Make "Points Shuffle [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7]

To Gridd :M :N
  # return X Y screen position
  Make "X (:N*:CellSize) - :OffSet
  Make "Y (:M*:CellSize) - :OffSet
  Output List :X :Y

To DrawGrid :Order
  # draw M x N array of cubes
  For (List "M 0 :Order-1) [
    For (List "N 0 :Order-1) [
      SetPos Gridd :M :N
      Tile] ]

To Tile
  # connect 4 pairs of 8 points
  Make "PosC Pos
  Make "Points Shuffle [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7]   # comment out for overall
  Repeat 4 [
    SetPos :PosC SetH 0
    Path Item ((RepCount*2)-1) :Points Item (RepCount*2) :Points]

To Grout :Size :Order
  # draw centred square grid with :order divisions
  SetPC [64 64 64] SetPW 1
  For (List "Point 0 :Size+1 :Size/:Order) [
    SetXY :Point-:Size/2 :Size/2 SetH 180
    PenDown Forward :Size PenUp
    SetXY :Size/2 :Point-:Size/2 SetH 270
    PenDown Forward :Size PenUp Wait 2]

To Path :A :B
  # draw line or curve between points a and b
  Make "Diff Abs (:A-:B)
  SetH 202.5 +45*((:A+:B)/2)
  If :Diff=4 [
    Right 90 Forward :Dist Left 180 PenDown Forward 2*:Dist PenUp Stop]
  If :Diff >4 [Make "Diff 8-:Diff Left 180]
  Back :Dist/Cos (:Diff*22.5) Arch 180-(:Diff*45) :Dist*Tan (:Diff*22.5)

To Arch :Angle :Radius
  # symmetrical arc drawn relative to turtle heading
  Arc :Radius Heading-:Angle/2 Heading+:Angle/2

To Shuffle :myList
  # randomly shuffle list order
  LocalMake "Shuffled [ ]
  Repeat Count :myList [
    LocalMake "Select Pick :myList
    Make "myList Remove :Select :myList
    LocalMake "Shuffled LPut :Select :Shuffled]
  Output :Shuffled

To Info
  SetPC White SetFontJustify [1 1]
  Home Label :Points
  Repeat 8 [
    Home SetH (RepCount*45)-20
    Forward 190 SetH 0 Label RepCount-1]

To Go :Order
  New Init :Order
  DrawGrid :Order
  # SetPC DarkRed SetPos [198 198] Fill  # comment in
  If :Order <7 [Grout :Width :Order]
  If :Order =1 [Info]

Paste all code into the XLogo editor. Type go 7 to run.

Type Go :order for example Go 7 to run.
Type Grout :order to overlay grid lines.

Replace the path procedure with the one below for no-curve tiles.

To Path :A :B
  SetPos :PosC SetH 22.5 Right 45*:A
  Forward :Dist Make "Pos1 Pos
  SetPos :PosC SetH 22.5 Right 45*:B
  Forward :Dist PenDown SetPos :Pos1 PenUp

Oct Tiles
Oct Tiles

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