Pi Island

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The value of pi can be estimated by firing shells at a circular island in a square lagoon. If the shells fall randomly, then the value of pi is the ratio of shells that fall on land (times four), to the total number of shots fired.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Pie :Shots
  Make "ShotsFired 0 DrawLand DrawSea
  Repeat :Shots [
    Fire SetPC White Display Refresh SetPC Black Display]
  SetPC White Display

To DrawLand
  Make "LandShots 0
  SetPC Green Home Circle 180

To DrawSea
  Make "SeaShots 0
  SetPC Magenta SetPos [-180 -180]
  PenDown Repeat 4 [Forward 360 Right 90] PenUp

To Fire
  SetXY (Random 360)-180 (Random 360)-180
  If (Distance [0 0]) < 180
    [SetPC 3 Make "LandShots :LandShots+1]
  If (Distance [0 0]) > 180
    [SetPC 6 Make "SeaShots :SeaShots+1]
  Make "ShotsFired :ShotsFired+1
  PenDown Forward 0 PenUp

To Display
  SetPos [-67 40]
  Label Sentence [Shots Fired] :ShotsFired
  SetPos [-80 20]
  Label Sentence [Shots On Land] :LandShots
  SetPos [-74 0]
  Label Sentence [Shots In Sea] :SeaShots
  Setpos [-80 -20]
  Label Sentence [Calculated Pi] (Round (4*:LandShots/:ShotsFired)*100000) / 100000
  Setpos [-52 -40]
  Label Sentence [Actual Pi] 3.14159

To Go
  New Animation Pie 101

Increase the number of shots fired eg Pie 1001 to improve accuracy.

Pi Island
Pi Island

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