Wire Shapes

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This fills the drawing area with random wire shapes. Each shape must finish with the heading unchanged.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Light :Hue
  # output rgb list midway between :hue and white
  Repeat 3 [
    Make "Hue ButFirst LPut Int (255+(First :Hue))/2 :Hue]
  Output :Hue

To Dark :Hue
  # output rgb list midway between :hue and black
  Repeat 3 [
    Make "Hue ButFirst LPut Int (First :Hue)/2 :Hue]
  Output :Hue

To Arch :Angle :Radius
  # symmetrical arc drawn relative to turtle heading
  Arc :Radius Heading-:Angle/2 Heading+:Angle/2

To Jump :Side
  # set turtle to random position within square of size side
  SetXY (Random :Side) - :Side/2 (Random :Side) - :Side/2

To Wire1 :Parity
  # ring (tp)
  Arch 336 24

To Wire2 :Parity
  # right or left hand 'S' shape (tp)
  Repeat 2 [
    Forward 18 Right :Parity*40
    Arch 280 18
    Right :Parity*140 Forward 18]

To Wire3 :Parity
  # right or left hand 'U' shape (tp)
  Arch 180 14
  Left :Parity*90 Forward 14 Left :Parity*90
  PenDown Forward 30 PenUp
  Back 30 Left :Parity*90 Forward 28 Right :Parity*90
  PenDown Forward 36 PenUp
  Back 36 Right :Parity*90 Forward 14 Right :Parity*90

To Wire4 :Parity
  # right or left hand eyelet (tp)
  Left :Parity*30 Arch 60 12 Right :Parity*30
  Forward 24 Right :Parity*30 Arch 300 12
  Back 22 PenDown Back 30 PenUp
  Forward 52 Left :Parity*30 Back 24

To Go
  New SetPC Gray
  Make "myShape 1+Random 4
  Repeat 50 [
    Make "myShape 1+Random 4    # comment out for single shape
    Make "Parity Pick [-1 1]
    Jump 300 SetH Random 360
    SetPC Pick [1 2 4 13 14 15 16]    # comment out for monotone
    Make "Color PenColor
    SetPW 4 SetPC Dark :Color
    Run Sentence Word "Wire :myShape :Parity
    SetPW 2 SetPC :Color
    Run Sentence Word "Wire :myShape :Parity
    SetX X-1 SetY Y+1
    SetPW 1 SetPC Light :Color
    Run Sentence Word "Wire :myShape :Parity]

Wire Shapes
Wire Shapes

Procedures blue
Variables pink
Comments green
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