- special characters



Plus / Sum
Minus / Difference
Multiply / Product
Divide / Quotient
Or (see Booleans)
Equal? Equal to
Before? Less than
More than
Less than or equal to
More than or equal to
(  )
[  ]
List delimiters
Comment (Mac Alt 3)
\ BackSlash - next character labels or prints without evaluation.


  1. Use the # symbol to add comments to your programs. XLogo ignores all text after the '#' symbol on the same line. Comments can appear after XLogo code, or on their own line either within or outside a procedure.
  2. # Main Command: is a special comment. It provides the code used when the green Main Command or Play button is pressed. It must appear on the first line of a .lgo file.
  3. For 'less than or equal to' use <= or the following code:
    Print Or (:A<:B) (:A=:B)
  4. For 'not equal to' use the following code: Print Not (:A=:B)
  5. The following primitives can be placed in parenthesis. They will then operate on any number of arguments:
    And Or Label List Print Product Sentence Sum Word
    Eg Make "Total (Sum 1 2 3 4)
    You cannot write procedures with this feature (as far as I know).
  6. Use backslash '\' character to add a space or a new line, or to include #[]()\ characters in a word.
    Eg Print "Logo\ Logo
    Eg Print "Logo\nLogo