Multiple Turtles

- XLogo


Primitive Alt Action
SetTurtle xx
EraseTurtle xx

Set the active turtle to number xx.
Return a list of all turtles on screen.
Erase turtle number xx.
Set maximum number of turtles allowed.

Underlined Set can be removed from a primitive name in order to return information.
eg. SetHeading sets the heading of the turtle. Heading returns the heading of the turtle.


  1. XLogo can use more than one turtle. You can switch from turtle to turtle to control each one individually. You cannot control more than one turtle simultaneously. The turtle currently under control is called the active turtle.
  2. SetTurtle XX will create a new turtle if the number XX doesn't already exist. Otherwise makes turtle XX the active turtle.
  3. New turtles always start in the home position with their pen down and hidden.
  4. Turtle number 0 is always on screen and cannot be erased.
  5. Multiple turtles can be used in Perspective mode too.