- maths puzzles


Magic Squares And Cubes Magic Squares And Cubes
W S Andrews
Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of magic squares and cubes generation.

Tangrams Tangrams
Joost Elffers
ISBN n/a
History and many tangram silhouettes with solutions.

Polyhedral Disections Polyhedral Disections
Stewart T Coffin
ISBN 0-19-286133-6
Puzzles involving the disection and recombination of 3D objects.

Curious and Interesting Puzzles Curious and Interesting Puzzles
David Wells
ISBN 0-14-014875-2
Collection of logical and mathematical puzzles.

The Mathematics of Oz The Mathematics of Oz
Clifford A. Pickover
Collection of 108 thought provoking puzzles and conundrums.
Geometric Disections Geometric Disections
Harry Lindgren
ISBN 0-486-22878-9
Disection and recombination of 2D and some 3D objects.

Polyhedral Disections Metamagical Themas
Douglas R Hofstadter
ISBN 0-14-006534-3
A very wide range of interesting maths puzzles, music, models and essays.

The Ins And Outs Of Peg Solitaire The Ins And Outs Of Peg Solitaire
John D Beasley
ISBN 0-19-286145-X
History, puzzles and solutions.

Polyominoes Polyominoes
Solomen W Golomb
ISBN 0-691-02444-8
Polyominoe puzzles, patterns, problems and packing.

Connection Games Connection Games
Cameron Browne
ISBN 1-56881-224-8
Comprehensive coverage of rules, stratagies and themes.