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Wheels, Life and other Mathematical Amusements Wheels, Life and other Mathematical Amusements
Martin Gardner
ISBN 0-7167-1589-9
Collection of interesting mathematical puzzles.

Game Set and Match Game Set and Match
Ian Stewart
ISBN 0-14-013237-6
Collection of topology, game and fractal puzzles.

Chance & Chaos Chance and Chaos
David Ruelle
ISBN 0-14-017108-8
Exploration of chaos, turbulence and game theory.

Does God Play Dice Does God Play Dice
Ian Stewart
ISBN 0-14-012501-9
The mathematics of chaos; pendulums, strange attractors and the texture of reality.

The Chaos Cookbook The Chaos Cookbook
Joe Pritchard
In depth mathematical program listings in BBC basic and Turbo Pascal.

You Are A Mathematician You Are A Mathematician
David Wells
ISBN 0-14-017480-X
A wealth of mathematical diversions; patterns, games and topology.

The Magical Maze The Magical Maze
Ian Stewart
ISBN 0-471-35065-6
Journey through varied mathematical ideas; slime mould and Turings train set.

The Emporer's New Mind The Emporer's New Mind
Roger Penrose
ISBN 0-19-286198-0
Exploration of artificial intelligence, computers and the human mind.

The Universal Book Of Mathematics The Universal Book Of Mathematics
David Darling
ISBN 0-7858-2297-6
Dictionary of mathematical terms, puzzles and numbers.

Cabinet of Curiosities Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities
Ian Stewart
ISBN 1-84668-064-9
Wide range of short maths puzzles and ideas.
Curious and Interesting Numbers Curious and Interesting Numbers
David Wells
ISBN 0-14-008029-5
Count through of all interesting numbers.

Islands Of Truth Islands Of Truth
Ivars Paterson
ISBN 0-7167-2148-1
A mathematical mystery cruise; curves, packing and chaos.

Curious and Interesting Geometry Curious and Interesting Geometry
David Wells
ISBN 0-14-011813-6
Collection of geometrical gems; shapes, figures, objects and patterns.

Fearful Symmetry Fearful Symmetry
Ian Stewart
ISBN 0-14-013047-0
The mathematics of chaos; geometry, natural patterns and evolution.

Guide to Chaos Guide to Chaos
Many authors
ISBN 0-14-014571-0
A collection of easy to read essays exploring a variety of chaos concepts.

Keys To Infinity Keys To Infinity
Clifford A Pickover
ISBN 0-471-11857-5
Various essays and explorations on numbers and number theory with program codes (C, Basic).

Chaos Chaos
James Gleick
ISBN 0-7493-8606-1
Exploration of chaos and fractal worlds.

The Art of the Infinite The Art of the Infinite
Robert Kaplan
ISBN 0-713-99629-3
Mathematical procedures and numbers.

The Book Of Numbers The Book Of Numbers
John H Conway
The history and mathematical facination of numbers.

Cabinet of Curiosities Number Freak
Derrick Niederman
ISBN 978-0715637104
Count through of interesting numbers.