- maths & computers


Learning Mathematics With Micros Learning Mathematics With Micros
Adrian Oldknow
ISBN 0-85312-653-4
Common mathematical techniques and numerical analysis for computer programmers.

Computers and the Imagination Computers and the Imagination
Clifford A. Pickover
ISBN 0-312-08343-2 (1991)
Varied maths related problems, puzzles, essays and computer graphics.

The Golden Section The Golden Section
Hans Walser
ISBN 0-88385-534-8
The mathematics of the Golden Section, with many graphics.

Computational Beauty Of Nature The Computational Beauty Of Nature
Gary William Flake
ISBN 0-262-56127-1
Fractals, chaos, complex systems and adaptation.

Andrew Glassner's Notebook Andrew Glassner's Notebook
Andrew Glassner
ISBN 1-55860 598-3
Beautiful book on a range of recreational computer graphics; 2D/3D paper folding, tiling and patterns.

Byte Size Flash MX Byte Size Flash MX
Many authors
ISBN 1-904344-09-7
Small programs built in Flash ActionScript.
Mathographics Mathographics
Robert Dixon
ISBN 0-486-26639-7
Computer drawings and their codes; spirals, curves and surfaces.

Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into
Ian Stewart
ISBN 0-7167-2341-7
Collection of maths ideas and puzzles, including 'tangle' curves.

Math And Logic Puzzles for PC Enthusiasts Math And Logic Puzzles for PC Enthusiasts
J J Clessa
ISBN 0-486-29192-8
Collection of short puzzles and number problems, suitable for solving on a PC.

The Self Made Tapestry The Self Made Tapestry
Philip Ball
ISBN 0-19-850243-5
Patterns and forms found in nature; shells, trees and waves.

Flash Math Creativity Flash Math Creativity
Many authors
ISBN 1-903450-50-0 (2002)
Graphical experiments and iterations, with ActionScript code and designers notes.