- Logo and programming


Turtle Geometry Turtle Geometry
Harold Ableson and Andrea diSessa
ISBN 0-262-51037-5
More involved maths of turtle geometry; topology, 3D surfaces and space-time relativity.

Logo For The Apple II Logo For The Apple II
Harold Ableson
ISBN 0-07-000426-9
Logo procedures and projects, recursion, lists and interactivity.

Introducing Logo Introducing Logo
Boris Allan
ISBN 0-246-12323-0 (1984)
Basic concepts of the Logo programming language, including code examples.

MIT Logo For The Apple MIT Logo For The Apple
ISBN 0-8053-0860-1
Simple Logo graphics and maths procedures.

Computer Science Logo Style Computer Science Logo Style
Brian Harvey
ISBN 0-262-58080-2
Collection of Logo projects, illustrating good programming techniques.

Logo For Teachers Logo For Teachers
Scott/Howell/ Rachkowski
ISBN 0-673-18291-6
Simple Logo graphic, recursion and list procedures suitable for classroom activity.

The Armchair Universe The Armchair Universe
A.K. Dewdney
ISBN 0-7167-1939-8 (1988)
An exploration of computer worlds; infinite graphics, games and automata.

Complete Idiots Guide To Programming Basics Complete Idiots Guide To Programming Basics
Clayton Walnum
ISBN 0-02-864286-4
Easy to read guide to using Q-Basic on a PC, and OOP's using Visual Basic.
Logo An Introduction Logo An Introduction
J Dale Burnett
ISBN 0-916688-39-9
Collection of simple programming exercises for children.

Discovering Apple Logo Discovering Apple Logo
David D Thornburg
ISBN 0-201-07769-8
Turtle geometry programs and patterns.

Advanced Logo Advanced Logo
Michael Friendly
ISBN 0-8058-0074-3
Logo as a language for learning; representing knowledge, exploring language and maths.

Computer Science Logo Style Volume 1 Computer Science Logo Style Volume 1
Brian Harvey
ISBN 0-262-58072-1
Introduction to Logo, turtle geometry and programming tips & techniques.

Geometric and Artistic Graphics Geometric and Artistic Graphics
Jean-Paul Delahaye
ISBN 0-333-41799-2
Series of microcomputer generated designs with code listings; polygons, curves and fractals.

Logo Manual The Homerton Logo Manual
Hilary Shuard, Fred Daly
ISBN 0-521-33723-2 (1987)
Basic general introduction to Logo programming, variables, lists etc.

The Magic Machine The Magic Machine
A.K. Dewdney
ISBN 0-7167-2144-9 (1990)
A handbook of computer sorcery; chaos, machines, and mazes.

Learning Mathematics and Logo Learning Mathematics and Logo
Celia Hoyles / Richard Noss
ISBN 0-262-08207-1
Collection of Logo tutorials and essays.