- computer graphics


Computer Graphics Computer Art Computer Graphics Computer Art
H W Franke
ISBN 0-7148-1503-9
Array of computer generated art work from the 60's and 70's.

Graphics With MicroComputers Graphics With MicroComputers
Adrian Oldknow
ISBN 0-17-438127-1
Graphical programming techniques and ideas; shapes, curves and 3D.

Computer Graphics Computer Graphics
Donald Hearn
ISBN 0-13-165382-2
Basic principles for the design and use of computer graphics; hardware, algorithms, 2D/3D transformations.

In Search Of Graphics In Search Of Graphics
Sandra & William Markle
ISBN 0-688-04988-5
Both Logo and Basic programming of simple graphics.

The Computer Tutor The Computer Tutor
ISBN 1-85155-047-X
Guide to good programming; wide range of hardware, languages, and worked example programs.

MicroComputer Graphics MicroComputer Graphics
Michael Batty
ISBN 0-412-28540-1
Art and science of creating pictures using computers; 2D/3D geometry, recursion and transformations.