- fractal maths & graphics


Beauty of Fractals The Beauty of Fractals
H O Peitgen P H Richter
ISBN 3-540-15851-0
Exploration of fractal maths and complexity with detailed art work.

Fractal Programming In C Fractal Programming
In C
Roger T Stevens
ISBN 1-55851-037-0
Many fractals with complete C code and color plates.

Fractal Vision Fractal Vision
Dick Oliver
ISBN 0-672-30248-9 (1992)
The art and science of fratal creation in nature and by computer, with C source code.
Fractals for the Macintosh Fractals for the Macintosh
Jesse Jones
ISBN 1-878739-46-8
Fractal types and mathematical generation principles.

Fractals For Windows Fractals For Windows
Tim Wegner
ISBN 1-878739-25-5
Guide to WinFract software including detailed mathematical explanations.