- Logo and programming


Some books I've acquired over the years. Some are more readable than others, but all provide useful information for the beginner or hobby programmer. Arranged over 6 sections, in date order.

Also, here are a couple of older publications:

Input magazine

Input magazine was published in 52 weekly parts by Marshall Cavendish in 1984-6. With a £1 cover price, each edition covered a range of home computer topics along with program listings for typical machines (Sinclair, Commodore, Acorn and Dragon).

The image shows the cover of issue 41, which included a section (part 2 of 3) on Logo turtle programming.


Creative Geometry

This booklet was printed by the Shell Center For Mathematical Education at Nottingham University in 1982.

It comprised a general introduction to Logo programming topics, with the emphasis on ideas and learning by discovery.