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an approximate value of pi is the cube root of 31



trains Turing Trains

Computational train track layouts. Mechanical calculating devices constructed from train track sections and points.

isometric Isometric

A canvas app for building simple isometric models.

wang Wang Tiles

Wang tile mazes, terrains and patterns. Edge and corner tile matching techniques and maze construction information.

maze Maze Arrays

A random maze and pattern generator using Wang tiles and Stagecast icons.

logo i Logo

A turtle graphics logo interpreter, with many sample codes ready to run. This is a small browser version of XLogo, which does not require Java installation.

  and some maths calculator stuff.

Old projects


Puzzles, sims and animations built with the Stagecast application.

Turtle Tracks

Some Logo apps and web programming for mobile devices.


Java app is depreciated. Try out i Logo instead. These pages still hold many images alongside Logo programs.

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